How I Lost 1 lb and 2 inches in 9 days!

How Lost 1lb and 2 inches IN ONLY 9 DAYS!!!

Are you ready to hear my inspirational story? A story so profound it changed my life forever? Here it is!

I’m a horse trainer. For those of you who don’t know what that job entails here’s an idea. It’s basically spending an hour each with animals 6 times your size and convincing them that your way is better than theirs. I love horses and deeply connect with them, but this is a physically labor intensive job. Riding a horse takes not just physically fitness, but the excellent timing of cues and good balance (for when things don’t go as planned).

Also, I’m a Mom to two kids under 5. Many of you know that we mom’s work 24/7. Last year I was so busy that my whole family missed out on getting to take a vacation. Combine that with a workaholic winter I’ve been absolutely beaten down. My routine of coffee and an entire cabinet full of vitamins wasn’t cutting it anymore. I would take vitamins here and there all day long to make sure that one wouldn’t interfere with another.

Despite that, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It was taking me half an hour or more to wake up. Every day I needed a nap and was extremely irritable if I didn’t get it. I was tense and couldn’t sleep at night. I’d hit a brick wall of exhaustion and didn’t know how to go forward. It was worrying me to the point of being afraid I’d end up in the hospital.

That was just 15 days ago when my life turned around in an amazing way! I read in a horse magazine that one of the local trainers had been in the same spot I was in but found a solution! Immediately I sent her a message on facebook to get more information. I was a bit skeptical but, at this point, anything that could help me was worth it!

My shipment arrived quickly. I didn’t expect a miracle, but any improvement at this point was a step in the right direction.

Day One: I had more energy.

On Day two: I actually woke up easily!

That was seriously a miracle! I have NEVER been quick to rise. My family has “tired blood” and I had always needed 9 to 10 hours of sleep, minimum.

Day 3: My joints didn’t hurt!

Even despite having stopped all other supplements. As a horse person whose body has been battered and bruised this was huge. I had been hurting worse than my 85-year-old Grandmother!

Now: I am no longer tired!

No longer do I need daily naps! And best of all I lost 1 pound and 2 inches in just 9 days! And even during the time of the month I’m normally hugely bloated!

Not only that, but I’ve replaced an entire cabinet full of vitamins and supplements. On a normal day, I was running to Starbucks to get a coffee before or after taking my daughter to preschool because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. Now I get crazy looks from them when I ask for an ice water!

My husband just started this premium nutrition program and is seeing amazing results as well. Only 20 minutes in the morning and were off racing for the rest of the day. It feels incredible to have a full day every day and not be lagging behind. Now I’m a better Mom, a better horse trainer and I feel amazing.

This is something that you must experience to believe! Fill in the following sentence:

“I’d like to be a better _________.”

If you want to make a change for the better please get in touch with me and I will show you how I can help!



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