Awe, coconuts! How to crack ’em

How to crack 'em

Have you ever wondered how on Earth to get the meat and water out of a whole coconut? It’s actually so easy you might be shocked! All you need is a corkscrew and either a hammer or a large knife.

Step One:

Push something sharp into each of the three eyes on top of the coconut to determine which is the softest.

Step Two:

Simply use corkscrew on the soft hole the same way you would into a wine cork and pull.

Step Three:

Turn the coconut upside down onto a glass and allow gravity to do its work removing all of the water from the coconut.

Good time to mention that apparently, only some coconuts have water that is safe to drink. My husband actually noticed and showed me a label on the coconut stating that only sweet young coconuts are intended to have water safe to drink. It’s a good thing he noticed this otherwise I might currently be in the bathroom sick with food poisoning!

Step Four:

Hold the empty coconut so that the eyes are facing either to your left or your right. The equator of the coconut should be facing up. Use the back of your knife or a hammer to make firm smacks along the coconut going in a circle. Don’t be gentle or the coconut will not crack open.

If you have some built-up anger now is an excellent time to express it! You may even wish to print out a picture of whatever displeases you and paste it to the coconut while hitting it for some comedic relief.

After just a few good hard smacks your coconut should pop open. Now you can use a fork, knife, spoon or whatever you wish to pry the meat out of the coconut.



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