Hot Topic

First off, It is so good to be back! We will still be in and out for a while. We moved my parents in with April and her DH. They have the perfect set up at their house and gave them their downstairs master with walk in closet and bathroom. I live 7 minutes away so now we can give them the extra help they need.
This is some polish that I got at Hot Topic, I’m sure it’s probably not new and it has no name. I love this color! It’s a super bright florescent lavender. This is two coats and it dried matte. The Poshe’ top coat shined it right up! The only thing about this polish that I did not like was the long brush handle, it made application a little harder, but what a cute bottle! Love!  5 Blings

~ Sylvia ~

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Tags : Nails


  1. I love the shades HT has, but I always have horrible problems with their formula! I've gotten bottles with chunky pieces in them! Looks like your's turned out lovely though…perhaps I should give them another go.

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