Petites – Rock n’ Roll

This is a Petites I picked up the other day. This is three coats of gorgeous girlie pink shimmer! With a top coat of Poshe’. It’s kind of a half jelly with pink lavender and silver glitter. I really loved wearing this! I had this on for about a day and half.

And that brings me to a question. Do you gals polish both hands and wear your polish? I almost never just do one hand and do multiple swatches at a time. I really like to wear my polish. I have been really curious as to how other people wear and swatch their polish.

~ Sylvia ~

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Tags : Nails


  1. I tend to swatch, and if I like it enough, wear it for the week. If I'm swatching a collection, I'll pick my fave to wear for the week. Otherwise, I just pick a color and wear it.

  2. In my posts if you see "swatch" then that was all it was, and if I deide to do a full mani of a color from the swatch batch I mention that too..
    I am trying to photograph all the colors in my stash, and I don't have nearly enough hands to wear all the colors that I own at the moment =P
    And I change my color everyday!

  3. I don't really have the patience to swatch. Even if I wear a color and find it hideous, I'll still wear it for the day. I work with my hands, and the job that I do is so rough on them that I have to re-paint my nails every night, anyway.

  4. I always wear my polish for at least a day or two. If I like one particularly well then I'll wear it until enough chips off to bug me. Usually I am one to two mani's ahead with pictures before I'll post one. That way I always have something to post just in case I want to wear a mani for a few days. 🙂

  5. I was also wondering the same thing about the swatches,Sylvia! I realized very early on, that swatching saves time,and then if I really like a color I'll wear it for a few days. I am fairly new to the polish blogging,as you already know, so on Saturday,that is what I did, I swatched all my Sparitual polishes,and uploaded them to photobucket.

  6. Lovely colour. I wear everything I take picture off. I don't have time to 'swatch'. I usually wear a colour for 3 days, sometimes longer, so I blog about other random stuff 🙂 If I hate a colour, I'll remove it the next day and start again. I don't get polish sent to me by companies etc, so the only polish I wear is what I purchase myself, so therefore I only purchase polish when I'm longing for something new/different, and hence it gets worn as a mani! 😀

  7. Pretty color, I like it 🙂
    I always wear my swatched polishes for at least 2 days, depending of how long it takes before it chips … Sometimes, I make a nail art the second day … If I really don't like the color or quality of what I swatched, I remove it, but it doesn't happen often 😉

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