Nfu-Oh – 61

This is some goofing around I did with Nfu-Oh – 61. This is a bottle I got from Ancek at Rainbows and Blues. What a fabulous silver holo! My nail art is lacking but not the polish! I Love it! This was over the top of my Milani – 2.0 mani.
And a pic of the back yard apple tree.
Posting may be sporadic for a bit. I looks like my Dad is going to be sent to the hospital. So I may be spending a lot of time away from home for a bit.
April should have results soon from the giveaway. 🙂
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~ Sylvia ~

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  1. Just got back from Virginia Mason in Seattle. Looks like he will be in for about three days for testing. My Mom will be in the room with him all the time. My Dad is left side paralyzed from a stroke he had 15 years ago and they both turned 79 in feb. So, gonna be in and out on the blog. April went down with me! And will again tomorrow. Thanks April! She's my big helper girl! Yay!
    Thanks you guys for all your thoughts and prayers! We all really appreciate it!

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