Claire’s Mood polish Win from Sawan Part II

Overall these went on well, fairly opaque- two coats each. Nice color selection 🙂

Of all the ones I’m reviewing, this one stole the show. It’s Happy/Earthy and it is fabulous! This doesn’t just change shades, it changes from grass green to bright yellow- hot! 5 Blings!

I also love this blue/aqua combo called Peaceful/Confident. Decent color change and gorgeous color. 4 Blings.

Although I love the pink, this one didn’t change hardly at all. It could be because my nails are too short to show a difference. Gotta love the name though: Fabulous/Funky. 3.5 Blings

This one was wild too! Grey to orangey taupe. Daring/Innocent has a good color change to it also. 4 Blings.


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