The Big 150 Follower Bling Giveaway

The Big 150 Follower Bling Giveaway is underway. We are preparing it now. Thank you all SOOOOOO much. We will try and make this a good one so stay tuned! So excited!

We’re trying to capture some flying monkeys from the wicked witch and shake some goodies out of them.

~Sylvia and April

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  1. LOL. You two ladies are a riot. I love the Wizard of Oz, seriously. To the point where I drove to a Target to pick it up on DVD the day it was released, before school. And, while I was at school, all I could think about was, will I be let out early so I can go watch this? Then, when I got home I couldn't take the packaging off. It looked too perfect. Luckily it was playing on TBS. So I got my Wizard of Oz fix. Am I weird? lol.

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