Naked Nails

Well, here they are in all their nekid glory. I feel so shy, I feel like asking for someone to throw me a towel (blush). So,,,, any helpful hints, comments, wisecracks etc.

~ Sylvia ~

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Tags : NakedNatural


  1. Your nails look lovely, much better than mine! Nail bed length depends on genetics and if you are a nail biter or picker. Some people naturally have small nail beds, and nail pickers (like me) shorten their nail beds with all of the picking.

  2. Lovely natural nails! I happen to quite like natural nails and I'm not scared myself to wear mine with a clear or sheer nude (and I like it!!!). Sometimes I don't want to wear polish (doesn't last long however, but it's like I need a break every now and then). I reckon your nails don't look that yellow at all. And your tips are allllll the perfect same length. Great stuff! My nails are less yellow due to the Nail Tek FoundationII but not as white as yours!

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